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Amphenol Printed Circuits supplies multiple connector types at the component level or integrated into rigid or rigid-flex assemblies. Interconnect solutions include a wide range of connector technology:

  • Viper VITA 60 connectors ..100" X 100" NAFI fork and blade
  • 100" X.100" NAFI fork and blade
  • 100" X 100" Bristle Brush 100" X.050" Ultra High Density (UHD) fork and blade
  • LRM with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush
  • GEN-X with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush
  • Ruggedized VME-46
  • Filtered and non-filtered MIL-C-38999
  • Filtered and non-filtered ARINC

As well as other manufacturer's interconnect products used throughout the industry. In fact, there isn't a connector on the market which Amphenol hasn't integrated into a backplane.


The Viper connector is a VITA 60 backplane and daughtercard interconnect platform providing 63 differential signals per linear inch at 6.4 Gbps data rates. The VIPER connector has been ruggedized for Avionic, Ground and Naval applications.

  • Fully footprint-compatible with VITA 60, VITA 46 and VITA 48 standards
  • Hi-Speed: the VIPER is designed for 10 + Gb/s data rate performance
  • 100 ohm impedance for differential pair configuration
  • The daughtercard assembly is optimized for differential pair architecture on a 1.8mm x 1.35mm grid.
  • The daughtercard is waferized, and provides single-ended and power wafer options integrated onto a stainless steel stiffener with stainless steel frame and keying elements
  • The backplane has signal contacts that incorporate a highly reliable 4-point-of-contact beam design, and ground contacts which are robust compliant pin & contact fork design
  • ±0.52mm nom. translation in fully mated condition
  • ESD protection supports 2-level maintenance designs
  • Flexible modular design is ideal for standard 3U and 6U applications, as well as unique custom configurations incorporating RF and fiber optic MT solutions


High-level vibration and mechanical shock protection. The VIPER connector platform offers the ability to scale from 80 Mbps to over 10 Gb/s while retaining the same Vita 46 platform slot pitch at 20.3mm to 25.4mm. Data Rate: 10 Gbps

  • Differential Impedance: 100 ohms
  • Differential Insertion Loss: –5 dB up to 5 GHz (10 Gbps)
  • Differential Return Loss: – 5 dB up to 5 GHz (10 Gbps)
  • Far End Crosstalk: –35 dB up to 8 GHz
  • Near End Crosstalk: –33 dB up to 8 GHz
  • Signal Contacts: 1 amp
  • Power Wafer: 12 amps per wafer at 30° C T-Rise
  • Compliant Pin to Plated Through Hole Resistance: 1 milliohm max
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500 volts RMS
  • Insulation Resistance: 1000 megohms
  • C4I
  • Ground vehicles
  • Naval
  • Military/Aerospace Space


Amphenol's Ultra High Density (UHD) interconnect is a high-reliability packaging solution for airborne, space, shipboard, and ground-based applications. UHD is presently used in all of these environments and meets the requirements of EIA IS-753, DESC 89065, and IEEE 1101.1 to 1101.9

The foundation of the UHD connector is a downsized version of the proven MIL-C-28859 tuning fork and MIL-C-28754 blade contact technologies. The UHD connector packages 396 contacts with two mounting attachments into the SEM-E format, using an eight row 0.100" X 0.050" staggered grid to optimize trace routing through the backplane.

Backplane connectors use solderless compliant press-fit contacts. The module connectors are surface mounted to the module using rigid pin or flex-circuit terminations. The UHD connector has been designed to provide signal integrity and interconnect density to meet today's advanced system-level requirements while maintaining a robust design. UHD is based on a modular approach that allows for straightforward incorporation of signal, power, coax, and fiber-optic inserts, as well as EMI shielding, all within the same connector footprint. This modular approach also enables the production of connectors that are longer or shorter than the basic SEM-E format.

  • Temperature Range -65°C to +125°C
  • Current Rating (individual contact) 2 amps DC at 25°C
  • Current Rating (multiple contacts) 1 amp DC at 25°C
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DQV) 600V (RMS) at 60 Hz
  • Insulation Resistance 1,000 Megohms
  • Contact Resistance 30 milliohms maximum
  • Contact-to-Backplane Retention Force 3 lb. minimum
  • Contact Life (durability) 500 cycles
  • Contact Normal Force 1.0N (3.53 ozf) average
  • Contact Wipe Length 0.053 inch minimum
  • Contact Engagement Force 2.25 ounce maximum average
  • Space/Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Telcom
  • Defense


Amphenol's initial product offering for military and aerospace applications was the SEM 40-pin, NAFI-style interconnect, which was co-developed with the US Navy in the late 1960's. NAFI is an acronym for Naval Avionics Facility - Indianapolis. Together we helped develop the form-factor for interconnecting modules and daughterboards through a central backplane. NAFI connectors offer design flexibility, adaptable in two, three, four, and five rows of contacts.

Amphenol's FM series flexible circuit male blade connectors are designed to meet a wide variety of surface mount module designs. The FM series connectors can be packaged in up to five rows. The standard NAFI interface is maintained while the flexible circuit traces provide the link to the module. The flexible circuit terminations allows for hand soldering or various automated surface mount soldering processes. The aluminum frame is available in many configurations or is custom designed to meet specific customer requirements which can include coax, fiber-optic and power contacts.

Amphenol's M Series male blade connectors are available with two, three, four and five rows of contacts. The aluminum frame is available in many configurations or is custom designed to meet specific customer requirements which can include coax, fiber-optic and power contacts. The gold plated contact tails are solder coated for ease of application to the daughtercard. The blade contacts can be oriented standard (blade parallel to daughtercard) or reverse (blade perpendicular to daughtercard). The components used by Amphenol have been designed to meet the requirements of MIL-C-28754.

  • Temperature Range -55°C to + 125°C
  • Current Rating (Max) 3 amps (continuous)
  • Voltage Rating (Min) 1,000 V (RMS) at 60 Hz
  • Insulation Resistance (Min) 10,000 Megohms
  • Contact Resistance (Max) 6 milliohms
  • Contact-to-Backplane Retention Force (Min) 7.5 lb
  • Contact Life (durability) 500 cycles
  • Contact Engagement Force (6 ounce contact available) 2.25 ounce average
  • Torque Resistance 3 inch-ounces minimum
  • C4I
  • Ground vehicles
  • Naval
  • Military/Aerospace Space