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At Amphenol Printed Circuits, we offer advanced assembly capabilities to meet today's most challenging requirements in the military/commercial aerospace and space industries. We have technical expertise available to work with customers from design concept to assembly, including fabrication and test of full turn key interconnect assemblies. Our capabilities include surface mount soldering, thru-hole soldering, coating and adhesive applications using the most advanced assembly equipment. We offer large format SMT assembly with precise component placement, automated inspections and unique temperature profile tailored to complex assemblies. In addition we offer the most advance techniques in paste and bonding applications for BGAs, LGAs and other surface mount components. Our press fit capabilities have been leading the industry since the inception of press fit over 40 years ago and we continue to innovate and develop assembly processes and tooling of advanced press fit components. We assemble backplane assemblies that operate in excess of 54Gbps.


  • Amphenol Printed Circuits is a technology leader in large format, high component count, complex assemblies for the aerospace and communication industries that require surface mount, thru hole or press fit assembly processes
  • Amphenol Printed Circuits engineering resources collaborating with our customers early in the design phase is key to innovation and development of new assembly products and processes.
  • Amphenol's connector knowledge and breadth of connector offerings provides customers with a one stop shop for cost effective interconnect solutions.
  • Amphenol Printed Circuits assembly expertise and knowledge of pwb fabrication offers customers a unique source for high layer count, large format interconnect assemblies.
  • Amphenol Printed Circuits has a long history of supporting Space applications and capabilities geared to space programs and unique requirements for quality, reliability, traceability and performance.